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Easy Makeup: Top 5 Tips & Tricks

It’s fun to put together an elaborate makeup look when you have lots of time to play with all your fun colors and products. But most days, you need an easy makeup routine that can get you from barefaced to beautiful with a minimum of time and effort. You don’t have to give up on glam to achieve it, either! These makeup tips help you achieve flawless results faster and a lot more easily.

eye makeup tricks

1. Beauty really is skin deep
Well before you begin applying cosmetics, you set the stage for how your makeup will look. Create a smooth, fresh base for your makeup by cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing in the evening before bed. In the morning, be sure to give your moisturizer time to absorb fully (usually about 15 minutes) so your foundation will go on smoothly. If your eyes are red or puffy, calm them with cool tea bags for 10 minutes, or apply a soothing eye cream—your eye makeup will go on much more beautifully.

2. Use multi-tasking makeup
The more you can get out of one product, the faster your beauty routine will go. Face products that do double or even triple duty, like tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, speed up your application; plus, you don’t have to worry about properly layering products. Using a powder that can serve as foundation, concealer, blush and more is another perfect option if you want a flawless look without spending tones of time. Plenty of eye cosmetics can multi-task too, such as eyebrow mousse that colors your brows, fills them in and provides all-day hold as well. Any time you find a product that does more than one thing, you’ll make looking good easier on yourself.

3. Make it last
Want truly easy eye makeup? Try mascara that sticks around all month! 28 Day Mascara is a rich, eye-safe tint—you get dark lashes that last four weeks. That means one less thing to worry about in the morning. Your brows, too, can look great 24/7 so you don’t have to fuss with them daily—and a kit with dye and wax strips lets you achieve results that last up to six weeks. And once you’ve applied your makeup for the day, use one of the pro’s favorite makeup tips: keep it perfect all day with makeup setting spray.

4. Pick one thing to play up
Laboring over every part of your face will not only take you a lot of time—it will also leave you looking way overdone. By choosing just one aspect of your face to really bring out with makeup—eyes, lips, or cheeks—you get a fresh, vibrant look that’s also much easier to achieve. If you’re highlighting your eyes with intense liner, colorful shadow and major mascara, keep your lips neutral and skip the blush—just use a subtle bronzer. When you pop your mouth with vivid, shiny color, avoid pairing with heavy liner or a deep blush; keep your eye shadow light and your cheeks subdued. And if you want to bring out your cheekbones, start with a very smooth foundation to give your skin a dewy look, then contour, highlight, and go for the color! But shy away from combining the look with sparkly eye makeup or bright lips.

5. Get pro guides
Creating a smooth, even line over your eye, avoiding lopsided brows, blending flawlessly…how do the pros do it? With great tools that help them get it perfect every time, and you can have them too! Easy makeup ideas start with having the gear to guide your application just so, giving you that perfectly-finished look. Here are our must-have beauty tools for perfect, easy makeup application:


5 Tips to Speed Your Morning Beauty Routine

make up, getting ready

Funny how the time between hearing your alarm and running out the door seems to fly faster than any other. Saving time in small ways here and there is a great way to finish your overall morning routine a lot faster. Read on for tips on how to get pretty in record time in the morning.

1. Mascara is a must-have cosmetic for most women every day. But with 28 Day Mascara, you only need to apply it once a month! Available in a rich brown or black, this is a tint that will give your lashes a beautifully vivid look for up to four weeks. Skim the smudges and flakes, as well as the routine of putting it on each morning. 28 Day Mascara lets you look lashtastic all day and night.

2. The Hands-Free Dryer is perhaps the next best thing to having a personal hairdresser helping you get ready. This hair dryer has 1600 watts of power, three temperature settings and two speeds. It uses an extra-strength suction cup to attach securely to tile, glass or mirror surfaces. With both hands free to style your hair, you can achieve perfect results in half the time.

3. Few of us always apply lipstick perfectly every time, but slips and smudges are time-consuming to fix. The Perfect Lips liner guide allows you to create the perfect cupid’s-bow shape every single time, so you can create a perfect pout faster in the morning!

4. Skip the shampoo! Instead of washing your hair every morning—which, in addition to taking lots of time, strips it of moisture—brush on Volumizing Dry Shampoo between full washes. This product refreshes, adds volume and conceals roots in one swipe. It instantly removes excess oil and has a fresh fragrance.

5. Save time all day long by setting your makeup for the day. Using a combination of Veil Foundation Primer and Makeup Finishing Mist, you can have movie star makeup for the entire day without reapplying. The primer smooths wrinkles, hydrates, conceals spots and brightens skin to create the perfect foundation for your makeup. The finishing mist is a makeup setting spray that softens the appearance of lines and stops makeup from caking. With these two products, touch ups are a thing of the past.

Sure, we all get in a rush these days and it seems like we never have enough time. Luckily for us, there are many great products on the market that can help you look beautiful while saving valuable time.

How To: Fake It (a Tan) ‘Till You Make It

It seems like every year winter comes to an end and the mirror shows a much paler person than who was there five or six months ago. Everyone looks better with some natural color, but it’s difficult to achieve a suntan during the dreary winter months. In a few months it will be time for the pool, the lake and the beach, but you want tan skin. How do we get color in the months between without putting our bodies through the dangers of tanning beds? Here are 5 products that can help you get totally tan without harmful ultraviolet rays.

Tan Skin for Summer

  1. TanTowel takes the mess and streaks out of sunless tanning. This 7″ by 9″ towelette is infused with a clear tanning formula that works with your body’s amino acids and proteins to produce a natural sunless tan in two to four hours. These are perfect for fair to medium skin tones, and they produce streak free results. They dry quickly and have a fresh citrus scent.
  2. The secret to a good bronzer is to use the best ingredients. Mineral Hygienics Bronzer uses premium ingredients to achieve longer lasting coverage. This bronzer is available in cool or warm colors and is perfect for adding contour and glow. It is a must-have product for adding a healthy glow to accentuate any suntan.
  3. Want to get a Hollywood tan, but fear the orange muppet look? It’s all about premium ingredients. Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner produces an even and radiant facial tan that lasts approximately five days. This product has no tints or dyes to produce an odd color. Botanical oils are the secret behind creating this soft, natural glow. This product is virtually mistake proof and has a light citrus fragrance.
  4. The simple fact is that all tans will fade over time. So to turn your regular tan into a super tan, apply Ultimate Tan Extender. It will boost the results of any tan while helping to even skin tone and help blend away blotchy areas. This product contains natural botanicals and almond oil to keep the skin soft and supple and has sunless tanning ingredients to boost and extend the results of any tan.
  5. If you want a true Hollywood tan, the trick is to exfoliate thoroughly before applying your tanner. Sugar Souffle Moisturizing Body Scrub gently and effectively sloughs off dead cells and smooths your skin, so your sunless tan will go on evenly. Coconut and vitamin E oils ensure your skin is hydrated and radiant, too.

Summer is just around the corner, and there are an abundance of awesome products that will allow you to have a sunless tan with authentic looking results. These products are safer than harmful UV tanning and they can produce great tans! We won’t tell if you don’t!

How to Match Your Foundation to Your Skin

Picking the right foundation can be intimidating. There’s a lot to consider, and after all, cosmetics don’t usually come with a label that says “best foundation for pale skin” or “best foundation for combination skin.” You have to discover your skin’s own unique characteristics and find the foundation that works best for you. Here are five foundation tips to help you find the best foundation for your skin.

Match Your Foundation to Your Skin

1. Know Your Skin Type
Before you even get to the cosmetics counter, you need to understand your skin. Is it oily, dry, combination or sensitive? People with oily skin should look for an oil-free matte foundation. People with dry skin should look for a moisturizing formula; if you have dry skin, it’s best to steer clear from powdery foundations because they can strip your skin of needed moisture. And if you have combination skin, try out a couple different formulas to see how they wear—you might even want to use liquid on your cheeks and powder on your t-zone.

2. Know Your Skin Color
One of the most important things to consider when picking foundation is choose a foundation that will match your skin tone colors. Wearing the wrong color foundation is a sure way to make yourself look older and more tired. Finding the right shade of foundation seems tricky, but there are several tricks that make finding the right color easy.

First, instead of testing your foundation on the back of your hand, test it out on your neck or on your actual face because the color on your face isn’t the same as your hands. A great place to test your foundation is on your jawline. A good foundation should disappear into your skin, not look like a mask. Second, a common mistake women make is that they wear the same shade of foundation on a year round basis. Your skin tone colors change throughout the season; they grow deeper in the spring and summer and more pale in the fall and winter.

3. Are You Warm or Cool?
Another thing you should take into consideration when selecting foundation is your undertones. Some women have yellow undertones in their skin and others have pink or red undertones in their skin. If you have yellow in your skin, choose a foundation that has warmer tones. If your skin has pink undertones, select a cool foundation shade.

4. Use the highest quality Products
People often wonder if foundation is bad for your skin. In fact, a high-quality foundation can actually be good for the health of your skin. The quality of the foundation also makes a dramatic difference in how it looks and wears throughout the day. Our favorite for combination or oily skin is Mineral Hygienics Foundation, and Ultra Foundation is our go-to for dry skin.

5. Look for Extra Benefits
A lot of foundations come with some kind of extra perk: SPF factor, anti-aging, long-lasting, hydrating. This way, your foundation becomes part of your skin care regimen, improving your skin’s health and appearance all day long.

7 Must-Have Workout Helpers in 2013

7 must have workout helpers in 2013

1. Top-Toner for Upper Body Workout
The Top-Toner is a great way to quickly firm up every part of your upper body in just a few minutes a day. The accordion-design gives enough resistance for a great workout of your arms, chest, neck and back, all in one motion. Women who are looking to get a shapelier bust or to get lean, sexy arms will love the effects the Top-Toner has on their bodies in just three minutes a day.

2. Avoid Slipping During Workouts With Stick-E Socks
Lots of people like to conduct their workouts inside without wearing shoes. Shoes can be a detriment to exercisers who are doing yoga, aerobics or Pilates. However, going barefoot causes its own problems. When you get a good sweat going during a workout, your feet often start to slip around on the floor or mat you are standing on. This is a dangerous situation, but it can be avoided with a pair of Stick-e Socks. These ingenious socks have super sticky traction on the bottom that will keep wearers from slipping around. They also offer arch support for the user and are machine-washable.

3. Run With Your Ipod/Iphone Using Action Armband
Many runners love to motivate themselves during a workout by blasting some tunes. A problem with this is where to put the iPod while running. It gets sweaty and hard to use if it is carried in the jogger’s hand, plus it’s easy to drop. It’s also hard to use when it’s in a pocket. Placing it in an Action Armband is the perfect solution. The Action Armband allows the joggers to wear their iPod or smartphone conveniently on their arm. The Action Armband has a thin layer of protective plastic that makes the iPod easy-to-use while on the move, but keeps it from being damaged by the weather elements.

4. Pep Up Your Walk With New Balance Fitness Shoes
Anyone who laments the weight of their everyday workout shoes is about to fall in love. These amazing New Balance Fitness Shoes are incredibly lightweight, weighing a mere seven ounces. They are made with a new cushioning technology called Revlite that makes them 30% lighter than ordinary soles. Walkers and joggers wearing a pair of New Balance Fitness Shoes will feel like they are practically floating down the road.

5. Improve Yoga Practice With Stick-E Towel
This is another product that fitness fanatics can use to fight the effects of slippery sweat. You can put this towel over your yoga mat to avoid slipping around on it. Some may even want to replace their mats with a Stick-e Towel. It does a great job of wicking away sweat from the body, and the Stick-e pads on the towel will keep the user firmly planted on the ground. The Stick-e Towel is also great for giving added grip when using exercise equipment.

6. Look Good While Working Out With Fitness Leggings
If you look good, it will boost your confidence. When you confidence is boosted, you will get better workouts. When you get better workouts, you will look better. This is a positive circle that makes you look better all the time. To get it started, put on a pair of fitness leggings to look amazing. These stretchy leggings are perfect for running, power walking, yoga, Pilates or any other kind of exercise. They are super comfortable, so they are great for just lounging around the house after you finish your workout.

7. Listen To Music Comfortably With Runphones
Boosting your motivation with music is always a good idea, but sometimes wearing normal headphones can be uncomfortable while working out. You can avoid this discomfort with a pair of RunPhones. These brilliantly designed headphones are contained in a soft headband that is quite comfortable. The RunPhones also do a great job of keeping the hair out of the face. They also cover the ears, keeping them warm when jogging on a cool day.

Make your 2013 workouts easier and more enjoyable with these smart innovations and read our tips on how to keep the 2013 new year resolutions on health to stay motivated. !

The 5 Must-Have Beauty Products in 2013

If you’re anything like those of us in the BodyBelle offices, you love getting your hands on the latest and greatest beauty products. Makeup and skincare products can definitely enhance your appearance and help you feel more vibrant and youthful. Here are our favorite new finds!

Beauty & Makeup Products by BodyBelle

One Moment Cream
Looking for a moisturizer that will truly nourish and pamper your skin? One Moment Cream contains aloe, pearl protein and hyaluronic acid, to hydrate, exfoliate and soften your skin. Use the morning formula under makeup and the nighttime formula before bed to see more youthful, glowing skin.

Mineral Hygienics Foundation
Not all foundations are created equal. It is important to look around for a foundation that is high-quality, matches your skin tone, covers up imperfections and is still good for your skin. Mineral Hygienics Foundation offers lasting coverage and is made with the finest, skin-friendly ingredients. This foundation also is very natural looking and easy to apply.

Killer Cover Concealer
Killer Cover is a high quality concealer used by makeup artists and models alike. It makes your skin look flawless and is both water and smudge proof. In addition to blemishes, Killer Cover concealer can cover up veins, bruises, birthmarks, tattoos and scars. This concealer is resistant to perspiration, so you do not have to worry about it coming off when you are out in the sun.

Red Carpet Gel Polish
Nail polish can really make your nails look bright and fun, but it often chips off way too soon. Red Carpet Gel Nail Polish gives you a long-lasting, salon-quality gel manicure at home. The polish comes in lots of trend-right colors, and has no harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or toluene.

Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitener
Going to the dentist is always scary and expensive, even it’s just to get your teeth whitened. Now with Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitener, you can whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home and still enjoy pro-quality results. It is one of the best teeth whiteners out there and will help you get whiter teeth without sensitivity. It is very easy to use and feels comfortable on your teeth. This teeth whitener also helps with oral care by reducing tartar buildup and killing bacteria.

The secret to loving your makeup and skincare products is to invest in high quality products that perform. All of these beauty products have tried and tested to satisfy the high standards of BodyBelle. We’re so sure you’ll love them, we offer an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee!

Bye-Bye Bat Wings: Banish Flabby Arms So You Can Go Sleeveless Again

Let’s face it: flabby upper arms are a fact of life for most women as they age. Added fat, decreased muscle tone, decreased skin elasticity and the effect of gravity all take their toll on this delicate area. “Bat wings,” “arm jiggles,” “chicken wings”…whatever you call them, they’re very common and always a nuisance. But if you wish you had Michelle Obama arms, don’t despair: it really is possible to melt away the arm flab and look great in sleeveless tops and dresses again.

A few factors affect the shape and texture of your upper arms, and you can address each in a different way. First is fat storage. Women are predisposed to storing fat in three major areas: hips, thighs and upper arms. You are simply more prone to storing fat—with all its wiggle and jiggle—on your upper arms. The good news is that any place you store fat first is also likely to be first in line when you start losing. If you’re carrying extra weight, a healthy diet overall will lead to fat loss over all, and your arms will benefit. Keep an especially close eye on your sugar consumption. Consuming high levels of sugar can actually inhibit your body’s production of the enzymes that burn fat.

Hand in hand with fat storage is the issue of muscle tone: even if you burn away the fat, you need a strong, defined muscle beneath to give your arms shape and firmness. Our muscles naturally tend to lose their tone and strength over time, leading to less definition. There are nine major muscles in your upper arms and shoulders, which means you have nine ways to look toned or not. Your triceps muscle—which runs along the back of your upper arm—is the key player in this system. If you want to lose arm fat, building strength in these muscles is essential. You can work all the key muscles efficiently with the Top Toner. You’ll see results after using it for just three minutes a day, and it has adjustable resistance so you can increase your workout as you grow stronger. And because it’s easy and lightweight, you can tone up easily while watching TV or when you’re traveling.

Even after you strengthen your triceps, you might find yourself looking at flabby arms when you slip on a sun dress. That’s because a relaxed muscle is soft by nature. A bit of wiggling when you wave is normal, but as your skin ages and loses elasticity, that wiggle gets amplified quickly. Improving the firmness and elasticity of your skin will help it lay taut against that strong muscle you’ve developed by using your Top Toner. It’s easy to ignore the backs of your upper arms while moisturizing, so make it a point to nourish that skin daily. Use a deeply hydrating lotion, like Thentix Skin Conditioner, and if your skin has become extremely droopy, try a firming product made for the neck—like Chin-Up serum—on your upper arm area.

Losing fat, developing muscle and firming your skin are things within your control, but we all must face a factor we can’t do much about: gravity. Over time, your skin sags on your entire body, including on your upper arms. Although you can’t sit around in a zero-gravity chamber, you can minimize the look of bat wings with smart wardrobe choices. Lytess Slimming Sleeves are shapewear for your arms, perfect for smoothing out flabby arms under a form-fitting top. Plus, their active botanicals firm and moisturize as you wear them. If you want to go sleeveless but still have a bit of the chicken wing, try cap sleeve styles or a knit mesh top to minimize the look of arm wiggle while still enjoying bare arms.

All of us are likely to have flabbier upper arms than we’d like at some point, but don’t lose hope. You can turn those bat wings into powerful, shapely arms you’ll love to bare.

How To Keep Your 2013 New Year Resolutions on Health!

Every year on January 1st, people make resolutions and list personal goals for the new year, the most popular of which are health resolutions. However, many of these resolutions fall flat and are forgotten by February. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to give yourself the best chances of meeting your goals this new year of 2013. 2013 New Year Resolutions on Health and BeautyGet a Head Start on your Health and Beauty Resolutions
Don’t wait until January to get started on your resolutions. If you want to go to the gym, take this time to compare membership prices of different gyms, the location, any classes offered and the availability of equipment. Get a membership right away. Or if you plan to buy exercise equipment for your own home, order it and assemble it right away. This way, when January comes, you’re ready to get started right away, and won’t waste time trying to get organized.

Among the many New Year fitness tips available, one of the most helpful is to buy the tools to help you achieve your goals. The following 4 items are designed to help you meet your health goals quickly and easily.

  • The Slimming Patch, which you wear comfortably and invisibly on your leg, uses several herbs and jade powder to decrease your appetite while increasing your metabolism and energy.
  • The Trainer Mat is a non-slip mat that shows a number of common poses for yoga, pilates, and ab workouts. With this mat, you can do your workout at home and never worry about forgetting how to do a pose.
  • All One Weight Loss Formula is a supplement full of protein, probiotics, vitamins and nutrients to help you through those cravings for sweet or salty foods.
  • Vitamin D3 Drops —Vitamin D3 is an important vitamin which can help increase your overall well-being while preventing some cancers and osteoporosis. Many women don’t get enough Vitamin D3 in their diets, but by adding a dropper full of this extract to water, you can get plenty of Vitamin D3 and maintain your health.


Stay Motivated and Avoid February Burnout
Setting goals and sticking to them can be difficult. Set yourself up for success with these avoiding burnout tips.

Set Reasonable Goals
Making a resolution of “losing weight this year” is too vague and will likely end up being abandoned by February. Likewise, planning to lose 100 pounds is not very realistic. Instead, make a specific and attainable goal. Pick a number that’s doable, like one pound a week, or four pounds a month. This is a healthy and reasonable goal.

Reward Yourself
As you reach your goal each month, pick a way to reward yourself. Something small that can help keep you motivated to continue with your resolution and feel good about yourself: A new piece of clothing or a movie, for example. Pick something new to work toward each month, with a big reward at the end of the year, like a new wardrobe.

Make a Lifestyle Change
Rather than trying a new diet to lose weight, make changes that will stick. Fad diets are just fads, and often as soon as you go off the diet, the weight comes back on. Dieting is more likely to fail than a lifestyle change. Instead, slowly make a healthy diet a habit by adding one serving of fresh fruit and vegetables to each meal. Reduce the amount of fast food or sugary treats you eat to one time a week. By making a healthy diet part of your normal life, you can lose weight and keep it off.

Hope these tips help you with making and keeping your 2013 New Year resolutions. Happy New Year 2013!!

Cold-Weather Workout Tips

As the mercury drops, it’s easy to let your walking routine wane. Outdoor workouts become all the more challenging in cold weather, and it’s easy to let the chill become an excuse that knocks your routine completely off course. Here are a few tips to help you keep up your walking or other outdoor exercise regimen.

• Stock up on gear that helps you stay warm without bulk. Today’s high-tech fabrics make it surprisingly easy to stay toasty outside without having to wrap up like an eskimo. Start with a base layer that’s warm but quite thin, like fleece-lined tights or leggings. For your outer layer, take advantage of technological advances that keep you warmer without adding extra fabric, like the Columbia Sportswear Omni-Heat Jacket—a breakthrough construction amps up your natural body heat and wicks moisture at the same time. Top off your workout wardrobe with warmers that make it easier to say on the go, like the cozy fleece ponytail hat and the super-handy finger fuzz flip mitts.

• Another great way to keep yourself motivated to exercise in the cold is to make yourself accountable to someone else. Make a walking date with a friend or organize a group of like-minded people to work out together. It’s easier to get yourself out the door when you know other people are counting on you.

• In wintertime, it’s not just the cold you have to contend with: it’s also the lack of light. Shorter days mean you often leave home before sunrise and get home after it’s already dark—and that makes it even less appealing to head out for a walk or jog. If the lack of light gets you down, try shaking up your routine. Walk on your lunch break so you can soak up what light there is. If you don’t have time for a full workout during the day, break it up into a couple of 15 minute sessions so you can still get in some movement during the day.

• Let’s face it: sometimes the weather is just too nasty for a walk! Instead of letting old man winter throw you off your game, be prepared for the inevitable with fun ways to maintain your workout inside. Here are a handful of fun, simple ways to get a great workout in the warmth of your own home without requiring tons of space:

• Skip your way skinny with the EZ Jumper

• Have fun with the Hoopnotica, then fold it up to store in a drawer

• Get your cardio and strength training in one small package with the Step & Twist Deluxe Exerciser

• Take a fat-blasting bike ride on this Recumbent Exercise Bike, then slide it under your bed

• Strap on your walking shoes and head to the mall. You can enjoy your walk protect from the elements and have fun window shopping at the same time.

Don’t let winter weather undo all your workout plans. A little bit of smart planning can help you stay on track with your fitness goals no matter the weather

Look Great on Too Little Sleep

The holidays have you running on too little sleep, but you don’t want to look it. After all, you have family gatherings, Christmas parties and lots of activities—all of which feature plenty of picture-taking. Luckily for you, there are some tips and tricks that you can try to look refreshed and well-rested. Using the right products will help you look as if you had more than enough beauty sleep.Look Great with Little Sleep

    • Start your morning with a refreshing shower using the Thentix Skin Conditioner, Body Scrub & Wash. The scrub invigorates and exfoliates your skin. The wash will gently cleanse you while the skin conditioner is an all-in-one product that moisturizes and relieves skin irritation and is sure to give your skin a boost.


    • Focus on your eyes when trying to look more awake than you feel. Begin with an application of Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. Caffeine is known for making people feel more energized in the morning, but it can do wonders for your appearance as well. This cream reduces puffiness around the eyes and increases circulation in the area, making problematic dark circles disappear.


    • If your skin is showing signs of late-night revelry with a lot of redness, Aquatine Erasing Creme is a perfect makeup base that will correct without drying out. Since green is known to neutralize red, this subtly green tinted product will fight the redness in your complexion and make it appear normal and healthy again. It’s also great for combating dark circles beneath your eyes.


    • You can smooth out your skin tone completely with Ultra Foundation. This long-wearing makeup reduces the appearance of pores, giving your skin a satiny finish. It won’t cake or highlight wrinkles so you’ll look rejuvenated and youthful no matter how you spent the night.


    • The right makeup techniques can brighten your eyes in a big way. Eye makeup tricks can be as simple as choosing the right colors to wear. Skip the heavy black eyeliner if you want a more refreshed appearance. Try a pale and shimmery purple or blue instead. If you prefer neutrals, go with a medium brown. Plenty of lengthening mascara will open your eyes and make them appear bigger. When choosing eye shadows, it is better to stick with lighter shades like pearl or taupe and skip shades like pink. Rosy colors can play up any redness in your eyes and make you look washed out. Likewise, darker colors can make you appear tired.


    • While your face is one of the first parts of your body others will focus on, you can create a fabulous hairstyle without having to start all over with a shampoo. Instead, Volumizing Dry Shampoo will quickly and easily make your hair smell and look great by removing oils and adding plenty of volume.

Now that your look is pulled together and refreshed, you can step out with plenty of confidence. No one needs to know that you pulled an all-nighter, whether you were wrapping gifts, baking last-minute cookies or playing Santa. You can look wide awake even if you didn’t get enough rest with the right tools and tricks.

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